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This is >>the velvets<<, my own personal corner on the net.

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the-velvets site button (feel free to add it to your website)
a gif of seulgi (red velvet) holding a gun, followed by flashing text reading 'i love evil women'. made by me join or else...! (made by me) catscape meow! 2.0 ezgif now! always wear your programming socks winrar 40 days equals infinity my family is not associated with a mafia i dream in html i need a nap NOW! girls now get microsoft internet virus now! free i hate squarespace this site is miku approved! made with notepad open source toast
screw y'all i'm going back to my local network implement rss now firey background with text reading digital blasphemy get autism today! despacito now button with a black box border that has text overlaping it reading css is awesome status cafe, your friends status updates if your son wears a skirt, get him some cute kneesomes as well parental advisory: the internet is a shitty babysitter best viewed 800 by 600 resolution get 7zip i support right to repair i use ms paint i found quieres with the quieres dog meme face
slamfest 1999 bad website design! most annoying reveluv yeehaw... with sad cat crying i love diet pepsi debian logo with text beside it saying powered by autism i have social anxiety help! i'm online and I can't get off!
purple waterparks blinkie orange waterparks blinkie red waterparks blinkie black blinkie with lyrics to waterparks - turbulent blue blinkie with lyrics to waterparks - war crimes