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Waterparks are an American experimental rock band formed in Houston, Texas in 2011. The band currently has three members: Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Awsten Knight, Backing vocalist and lead guitarist Geoff Wigington, and backing vocalist and drummer Otto Wood. The band has (as of Dec 2023) released three EP's, two of which were released independently, while the third was released via Equal Vision records. They have five studio albums, Double Dare, Entertainment, Fandom, Greatest Hits, and Intellectual Property. The group has their own touring photographer, Awsten's friend Jawn Rocha.

Geoff and Otto joined the band in 2012. Their first show was on August 17th, 2012, at Warehouse Live (theater venue) in Houston Texas. The group signed with Equal Vision Records on November 6th, 2015. The band chose Benji Madden and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte to be their producers and managers. Mikey Way of My Chemical Romance played bass for their EP titled "Cluster", released January 15th, 2016. The band also performed at Warped Tour 2016. Since 2017, Waterparks have won 3 music awards, and been nominated twice. They've won the Alternative Press Music Awards "Album of the Year" for Double Dare, Alternative Press Music Awards "Best Breakthrough Artist", The Rock Sound Awards "Best International Breakthrough Artist", and The Rock Sound Awards "Song of the Year" for their single "Turbulent" in 2019.


The band has released five studio albums, three EPs, one live album, one demo album, thirty six singles, and thirty two music videos.
[Single] Silver: 2011, Self released
[EP] Airplane Conversations: April 3rd 2012, Self released
[EP] New Wave: 2013, Self released
[EP] Black Light: June 5th 2014, Self released
[EP] Cluster: January 15th 2016, Equal Vision
[LP] Double Dare: November 4th 2016, Equal Vision
[LP] Entertainment: January 26th 2018, Equal Vision
[Single] Beating Heart Baby (Head Automatica cover): March 8th 2019
[LP] Fandom: October 11th 2019, Hopeless
[Demo] 1 (A Collection of Unreleased Home Demos, This is Not G, or Even an Album, Shut Up Enjoy): January 22nd 2020, Self released
[LP] Fandom: Live in the UK: November 27th 2020, Hopeless
[Single] Lowkey as Hell: 2020, 300 Entertainment
[LP] Greatest Hits: May 21 2021, 300 Entertainment
[LP] Intellectual Property: April 14 2023, Fueled By Ramen
[Single] Sneaking Out of Heaven: Oct 12 2023, Fueled By Ramen

waterparks members posing together with red tennis balls falling in the background

Fun Facts:

Jawn and Awsten legally changed their names together.
Waterparks' fandom "Blondes"/"Parxies" are proclaimed to be one of the worst online fandoms ever.
Geoff is a father.
Everyone forgets about Otto.
Awsten almost always posts in all caps. He also runs the Waterparks twitter page.
Otto Danielle Wood is a Thot
In Awsten's 2022 driver's license photo he is wearing a beige tube top
Awsten appears to be a fan of the kpop group MONSTA X
Waterparks changed the title of their song "See you in the future" off their LP Greatest Hits to "See you in in the future" because a fan got a tattoo of the song title, but their artist made a huge mistake.
I became a fan 3 days before the release of Fandom
Awsten's phone contact names are all emojis
Otto does not use social media.
Waterparks are God's favorite boyband
Awsten's first celebrity crush was Paris Hilton
Awsten has an alter ego called "Felony Steve". He has released an EP under said name, as well as featured on a track by "LIL PHAG" called "IHATEMETOO", which also featured Danny Gonzalez.
Awsten dyes his hair for every comeback. His scalp is probably dead
Awsten Constantine Knight should not be allowed twitter access. Please for the love of god stop telling fans about you and your friends sexual preferences.