more about me!

I realized I never made a serious introduction page, so I'm writing one now.
A year late is better than never I suppose! So hi. I'm Irene* (illegal name)
I'm legally an adult now, but calling myself one feels weird. Uh. Hmmmm... Most important things... Oh! I'm disabled. I talk about that a lot.
Reasonably so, it does effect every part of my existence. But also disability is an interest of mine. I like learning about it.
If you couldn't tell by my url, site button, and stamp collection, I love red velvet. I've been a huge fan of them since september 2020, but knew about
and listened to them way earlier than that. My first kpop song ever was 4minute's "hate." I think. I have a bad memory. Sometime around
2017-2018 is when I listened to red velvet for the second time. I don't have an estimated timestamp of the first time, sadly.
Then in 2020 I was recommended "russian roulette" on youtube and the memory of listening to it years prior came flooding back. That's when I knew
I needed to listen to more of their music. I've been obsessed ever since. I can probably recite at least 3 lines of lyrics to any of their songs,
and can complete most of those "guess the song" challenge videos. So I guess you could say I'm dedicated lol.
I'm OT5, but very biased toward Wendy. Her personality is what drew me in, but her voice is what kept my admiration of her going. That and how
well she's dealt with hardship, and the affection & care she shows toward her fellow members. I know kpop is a performance, but I'd like to think
Wendy truly cares about her groupmates.

Aside from kpop, I like computers. By "like" I mean "hate with a burning passion." That was a joke. No one who tinkers with technology likes computers.
It's a love/hate relationship. But more of a love than a hate. In a similar vein, I'm anti-psych with an interest in psychology.
How's that for contradiction? Ok, maybe not entirely anti-psychiatry. But I definitely am against the oppression rooted in the system itself.
I won't get into that here though. 1, it's too nuanced for a brief introduction page, and 2, this isn't the place for that.

I'm not comfortable sharing all the details about my disabilities here, but the important parts are: I'm in chronic pain, and I'm autistic.
There are other things that effect me just as much as those 2, but like I said. Not comfortable sharing here. Ask me about it somewhere private if you're curious.
In real life I'm a white USamerican living in appalachia. But online I roam the fediverse and many different forums. If you see a
"kingdomcome" anywhere that links back to this website, it's me. If it doesn't link back, assume it's not me.

If you have any questions for me, please direct them to my email inbox! I'll try to respond in a timely fashion.
If you don't have any questions, but just wanna be my friend, PLEASE reach out! I don't bite! Here's my contact page!