Irene's art journal (click the images!)

physical art stuffs Light blue jeans lying on a flat surface. There are dark blue denim star patches sewn on the knees. 3 for each knee. 1 big star, 1 medium star, 1 small star. Each one skewed in a different direction from the one next to it. They're hand sewn on in light blue thread.

the star jeans <3

a logo of 3 ghosts surrounded by a circle outline, with text above and below said outline reading waterparks - cluster painted on a gray shirt with white fabric paint

I made this because the merch on does in fact suck lol
I used fabric spray paint with a homemade stencil, then cleaned it up by hand with brushes and more fabric paint.


box front cover art of community season 1 disc set

box back cover art of community season 1 disc set

digital art

check back later